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Meditating Space is an online space for meditators who are interested in learning Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation. We offer 8 week online classes throughout the year and provide some resources here on our page for people interested in learning more about meditation.

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Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation:

Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) is a gradual approach to meditation that focuses on attention. It is a complete meditation practice that has many benefits and is foundational for all other approaches to meditation. MBSM has fours steps:

  • Step One: Preparation. This involves establishing comfort and ease as we create an environment conducive for meditation by preparing our location, posture and attitude.
  • Step Two: Relaxation. A tight or tense body often accompanies a busy and restless mind. We use relaxation techniques to create more spaciousness in the body which then helps in calming the mind and bringing our attention into the present moment.
  • Step Three: Mindfulness. This involves paying attention to what is happening around and within us in each moment, without judgement or attempting to change anything. We notice whatever comes into our attention including the sensations in our bodies, the feeling of the breath moving in and out, any emotions or thoughts. We surrender our attention to the present moment.
  • Step 4: Stillness. By just paying attention without reacting, we gradually become aware of a stillness. Sounds, sensations, even emotions and thoughts just come and go – free of judgement and reaction. We notice a background of stillness against which sounds, sensations and thoughts come and go, appear and disappear. In this stillness, awareness is open and undistracted.

(Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson, Meditation: An in-depth guide. Penguin 2010.)

Jenny Gilmore:

Jenny has trained as a meditation teacher with Paul Bedson at the Yarra Valley Living Centre in Victoria. She has a long history of meditation practice and has meditated with the Paddington Meditation Centre, the Queensland Zen Society and Everyday Zen Brisbane. Jenny is a full member of the Meditation Association Australia, the national peak body representing meditation and meditation teachers.

Jenny is based in Brisbane, Australia and is also an experienced social worker in private practice. You can visit her website at www.jennygilmore.com.au