A Light Touch and a Soft Heart

Meditation is profound but should not be too serious. Be passionate but do not push too hard. 

Choose to enjoy each meditation rather than making it a rigid discipline. Choose to see the benefits in each meditation even if it is uncomfortable or you are feeling restless, impatient or bored.

‘Forget yourself!’ Relax the doer and the doing. Meditation is about letting go of yourself and just being. It reveals the truth of who we truly are. 

Every step is an end in itself; the journey is the destination.

Adopt a subtle, Buddha-like smile.

Meditation is not about having blissful, peak experiences. It is about changing our relationship with our experiences and becoming less reactive, less goal-oriented, more present. 

Meditation is not about moving away from life to some other reality. Meditation brings us back to our life so we can embrace it more fully and live it more compassionately. 

Keep it simple, follow the steps.

Remember the Zen poem:

Sitting silently, doing nothing

  spring comes,

  and the grass grows by itself.

(Gawler and Bedson, Meditation: An In-depth Guide. 2010)